Strawberry Fort Knox

You know, it’s rare to meet a person that just doesn’t like a good strawberry.

Apparently, it’s also rare to meet a chicken, squirrel, chipmunk, crow, or other bird who doesn’t also like a good strawberry.

This season I planted 25 strawberry crowns.  They have been healthy and vigorous in my raised garden bed, putting out lots of flowers and tons of berries.  I and my family have eaten, well, about three.  Seriously.  First culprit was the chickens, so I put my old mesh hoop from last year over the plants:

Worked pretty well for the chickens – they could only get to the berries that stuck out on the sides.  Something was still getting into the patch at night though, nibbling down to the nub anything that even thought about turning red.  So I made this little beauty, dubbing her “Strawberry Fort Knox”:

All I did was build PVC frame, sprayed it green for aesthetics, and covered it in bird netting.  The netting is secured around all the joints with zip ties.  There is extra netting all around so it really drapes on the ground and keeps out any ground dwellers.  So far, so good – it’s been about 4 days and I haven’t seen a single new nibble.  Now to figure out a better way to keep the chickens off the tomatoes…

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