I’m Still Here!

Just wanted to check in and say hey, I’m still here!  Not much of blog-worthiness has been going on lately though, and life’s getting a little hectic now that kid #2 is so close to getting here.  I do have a bit of lettuce under lights – trying to get the jump on fall planting.  Not many though, so if they fail to transplant in the heat I won’t be out much.

Clockwise from top: Red Velvet leaf lettuce, Tom Thumb butterhead lettuce, Nobel Giant Spinach, and Rocket Arugula.  Over on the left is some cilantro – it’s been completely impossible to start it outdoors in this heat.  The seeds come up and immediately wither.  We love our cilantro though so I thought I’d give it a shot inside!

Stick with me folks, I’ll be back before you know it!

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1 Response to I’m Still Here!

  1. oceannah says:

    I guess in Atlanta you’re getting ready for fall planting by now? Lettuce looks nice.

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