Not Buying It Anymore

Morgan water

It’s been my repeated experience that for those who already feel the new sensibility, the old promises haven’t just lost their plausibility; they’ve lost their emotional appeal. It’s one thing to proclaim salvation from nature, history, and the human condition to those who want that salvation but no longer believe that the ideology you’re offering can provide it. It’s quite another to do the same thing to people who no longer want the salvation you’re offering—people for whom nature, history, and the human condition aren’t a trap to escape, as they have been for most people in the western world for the last two millennia, but a reality to embrace in delight and wonder.

Credit John Michael Greer, from The Arhdruid Report

So much has changed in the last 10 years. Much of it is obvious: jobs, children, houses, the everyday hustle of life. But there is more than that.

I have changed.

Once upon a time, I wanted success.  I’m not even sure I knew what that meant.  Maybe a nice job with good pay, a house, lots of travel?  I don’t think I thought about it much.

Now, I know what I want.

I want to wake up happy and well rested.  I want to go outside.  I want to feel connected.  To people I love.  To nature.  To the community.  I want to be satisfied with the work that I do.  That it’s good enough.  Nourishes.  I want to go to bed at peace.

Life’s not perfect, but if I look around, I already have many of these things.

I just have to look.

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