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GROW! Film Review

Last night a few of us went to a screening of GROW! at a local synagogue.  The film follows the stories of a group of young farmers all over Georgia, starting a new generation of passion for growing food and … Continue reading

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Thompson Farms Receives a Step 5+ Animal Welfare Rating

As I learn more about food production and pay more attention to what I eat, one of the most important issues for me is where my meat comes from.  There is so much evidence mounting that pastured meats are healthier … Continue reading

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Monsanto Case Dismissed with Reckless Abandon

Remember when I told you about about the preemptive lawsuit organic growers were bringing against Monsanto?  Well, yesterday, ahead of the expected schedule, U.S. Federal Dist. Judge Naomi Buchwald dismissed the case.  Now, there are plenty of articles on numerous … Continue reading

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