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The Value of Clothing

I cleaned our master closet this weekend.  Everything in its place, floors and baseboards cleaned.  The hubs got to go through all his clothing and edit out what he doesn’t wear anymore – I was not so lucky.  Your third … Continue reading

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Attack of the Paper

We have a problem around here folks, a problem with PAPER.  Bills, invitations, important mail, and most recently, preschool papers and artwork.  There are little stacks here and there, and big stacks up in the office.  Now, periodically I go … Continue reading

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The Great House Purge of 2011 – July Update

If you read this previous post, then you know that I have begun an epic house purge.  It’s gotten out of hand around these parts, and I’ve just been tired of trying to clean it all up.  I’m happy to … Continue reading

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The Great House Purge of 2011

Where did all this stuff come from????? Seriously though, it’s gotten out of hand around here.  It feels like a monumental effort to keep the house picked up on a daily basis, and I constantly find myself wondering what is … Continue reading

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Sometimes a Not-So-Thrifty Purchase is Still Thrifty

I am a thrift store good luck charm – for others and for myself.  For some reason, if you go thrifting with me you are bound to find something you love.  I buy nearly all my clothes this way, with … Continue reading

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Capsule Wardrobe Planning

Lately I’ve been on a mission – a mission to reduce the amount of stuff in our home.  A large part of this effort has been trimming down my wardrobe.  I’m no clothes horse by any means, and yet it … Continue reading

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The Lure of the Barcode Scanner: Part II – The Aftermath

In Part I of this story, I lamented discussed my options in registering for baby gifts. My goal was to make sure that my daughter had everything she needed to thrive without too much extra “stuff”.  Well, all 6 baby … Continue reading

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To Haggle or not to Haggle

I am really not a haggler. I hate to negotiate a price.  I’ll ask for a discount on a grouping of items, but that’s about it.  I may point out a defect in an item in the hopes of getting … Continue reading

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On Downsizing and Letting Go

Just to give you a little idea of what’s going on, in our home office we are moving from this desk: …to this: An excellent Craigslist find!  Needless to say, we’ve lost some storage space.  We wanted to downsize the … Continue reading

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