Takes a lickin’

After a month (or more) of neglect, I’m happy to report that it’s not dead!

And now I’m armed with this…

So lets make some bread!!!

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Finally!  I found eggs!!

Seriously, my chickens are over seven months old, and these are the first eggs that I’ve found.  I wasn’t quite sure I was going to make it… 😉

I guess you ladies are moochers no more…

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A Fresh Start

I feel like I’m waking up from a fog.

Everyone is healthy and we were never in any serious danger, but I’d be lying if I said the last month of my pregnancy was easy.  All I could really focus on was being, waiting until the day, trying to stay healthy, rested, and unstressed.  Now that she’s here, and I’m well on my way to recovery, I feel a sense of renewal.  I’ve opened the doors and come outside, figuratively and in many ways, literally.

The garden is showing signs of neglect…

… and the signs of unfinished projects are all around…

But there are some signs of life, even now…

… and an always eager helper just waiting to get started.

It’s time to wake up, and I’m ready.

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Hello Everyone


We’re home, and doing well. Talk to you soon… 🙂

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The Land of Basil

At least something is happy in this crap-tastic summer gardening season we’ve had…

How does your garden grow?

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I’m Still Here!

Just wanted to check in and say hey, I’m still here!  Not much of blog-worthiness has been going on lately though, and life’s getting a little hectic now that kid #2 is so close to getting here.  I do have a bit of lettuce under lights – trying to get the jump on fall planting.  Not many though, so if they fail to transplant in the heat I won’t be out much.

Clockwise from top: Red Velvet leaf lettuce, Tom Thumb butterhead lettuce, Nobel Giant Spinach, and Rocket Arugula.  Over on the left is some cilantro – it’s been completely impossible to start it outdoors in this heat.  The seeds come up and immediately wither.  We love our cilantro though so I thought I’d give it a shot inside!

Stick with me folks, I’ll be back before you know it!

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Green Clean Week: Dishes

All this week I’m featuring my “alternative” cleaning methods, in depth, with recipes, processes, and failures.  I’m laying it all out there, folks.

There has been a lot of talk out there about what’s more efficient, hand washing or your dishwasher, and the latest buzz is that dishwashers are probably more efficient in most cases.  The reality of my household is that if I did not use my dishwasher, I would do nothing but wash dishes all day.  Did I mention I hate cleaning the kitchen, absolutely, positively loathe it?  If I was a superhero I don’t know what my name would be, but I know my arch-nemesis would be The Kitchenator….

I digress.  Seriously though, I run everything I can through the dishwasher and only hand wash things that can’t go through, or possibly hand wash a little when things get too backed up.  For the longest time I used Seventh Generation dishwasher detergent, which is eco-friendly and works great, but I had a hard time stomaching the price, so I started researching homemade dishwasher detergents.  I actually talked about this recently, so I’m going to point you to this post for the full recipe and scoop, but I’d like to add a few points since I’ve been using this for a few weeks.  First of all, it’s very important you use the precise amount each load.  What’s the right amount?  Well, you’ll have to figure this out for your dishwasher.  I know for me it’s about 2/3 to 3/4 full.  If you put too much you’ll get residue, put too little and your dishes won’t come clean.  I also want to reiterate that at least for me, I have to keep my rinse aid reservoir completely full of vinegar, to the point of topping it off almost every time.  I might have to wash one dish here or there to get some residue off, which I consider worth the incredibly decreased cost.

My next step is to replace my hand washing liquid (Seventh Generation) but I’m waiting on the current bottle to run out first.  I love my foaming soap pump so it will have to be something that will work with it, diluted or not.

Feel free to share your green/frugal dish washing tips below.  Happy cleaning! (Happy cleaning??)

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