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Attack of the Paper

We have a problem around here folks, a problem with PAPER.  Bills, invitations, important mail, and most recently, preschool papers and artwork.  There are little stacks here and there, and big stacks up in the office.  Now, periodically I go … Continue reading

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Planning My Menu OR Performing a Home Root Canal

Okay, okay, menu planning is probably not that bad, but for some reason, I have just not been able to make myself do it.  I watch The Frugal Girl do it every week (her menu plan is up today in … Continue reading

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Through the Fog

I’ve been suffering from a lack of inspiration lately, a lack of zeal for the everyday things.  Don’t take this too seriously; I am still happy, still the positive, can-do Jessie that everyone knows (and loves?).  Lately though, I have … Continue reading

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The Great House Purge of 2011 – July Update

If you read this previous post, then you know that I have begun an epic house purge.  It’s gotten out of hand around these parts, and I’ve just been tired of trying to clean it all up.  I’m happy to … Continue reading

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