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Still At It

Hello friends.  It’s been too long.  Things have been busy around here, for sure, but I’m happy to report that we’re still at it. The garden is mostly tapped out, but I still managed to harvest a ton of basil: … Continue reading

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Easy Tomato Protection

I am currently taking care of a sick toddler and trying to get some work hours in at the same time, so this is a reprint of a previously published post.  I’m happy to say that I’m using the same … Continue reading

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Today’s Harvest

From the left: Chadwick Cherry tomatoes, Mammoth Melting Sugar Snap Peas, Maxibel Haricot Vert Bush Bean.  Hope you’ll enjoy your dinner as much as we will!

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Food Waste Friday – Limpin’ Along

Every Friday, Kristen over at The Frugal Girl posts a picture of her food waste. She invites other bloggers to join in her effort to save money and reduce the amount of food that gets thrown away in our country … Continue reading

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Garden Planning Days

It’s warm for January here in the South, but it is also wet.  The kind of wet you usually get in May, with thunder, torrential downpours, and the whole shebang.  So my garden planning is indoors, on paper.  First of … Continue reading

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Garden Update – November

Cold weather is whispering, just around the corner, but the garden is still going strong.  There’s a lovely bed of lettuce that just needs the occasional nighttime blanket… …and my perpetually bolting cilantro has finally taken a foothold. A few … Continue reading

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Garden Update – August

Hey everybody!  I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve given you a garden update (even though it’s only been  2 months), but that’s probably because so much has happened since then!  First of all, here’s an overall shot of … Continue reading

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