No-Poo Hair Routine


Many people have asked me why I wash my hair this way.  I can actually give multiple reasons.  First of all, commercial shampoos strip your hair of the natural oils (sebum) that protect it and make it shiny.  You put conditioner on your hair to put some artificial oils back.  Because you’re stripping all the sebum from your hair, any time you go a few days without washing, your scalp goes nuts and tries to overcompensate, creating the grease slick we’ve all had to contend with at some point.

Secondly, after a while with the process, your scalp will calm down and stop creating so much oil, and you won’t have to wash your hair as often.  This will vary from person to person, but for me, it’s about 4 days (I was 2 days on the poo).  This may be my favorite part.

Thirdly, I’m sure you can buy all kinds of pricey bar shampoos or eco friendly options that aren’t harmful to the environment, but most of your grocery store shampoos are washing all kinds of random chemicals down your drain.  Imagine how much easier it would be to keep our water clean without all this stuff?  Baking soda and vinegar are harmless and non-toxic, and easily break down in treatment systems anyway.

Lastly, it’s freakin’ cheap.  Nuff said. 🙂

Things You’ll Need

  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar (I use apple cider vinegar, because I like the smell, but any will do)
  • A mug
  • A stirring apparatus (I am currently using a hair stick)
  • Water (you’re in your shower! ;-P)
  • A natural bristle brush (boar bristles)

The Process

On shower day, put a couple of tablespoons of baking soda in your mug.  You may adjust the amount to your tastes over time.  I do this before I get in the shower, so I’m not messing with the baking soda package with wet hands.  In the shower, wet your hair and put enough water in the mug to create a baking soda “slurry”.  Again, this is preference.

At this point, the goal is to massage the baking soda into your head with your fingertips.  You want to thoroughly scrub your whole scalp.  Now, there are a few ways you can get the slurry on there, like getting some of it on your fingers, pouring a little on your head, etc.  Just experiment and see what works well for you.

After massaging the baking soda into your scalp (not your hair) well, rinse thoroughly.  If you don’t, you may have a fizzy head for the next step!

Rinse your mug out and put about two capfuls of vinegar in it.  Seriously, you do not use much vinegar.  Fill the mug all the way up with warm water, and use your stirring stick to mix it up.  Pour the mixture over the part of your hair you would usually put conditioner on.  Like conditioner, you don’t really need it on the top of your head.  Leave it on for a few minutes while you do something else, then rinse it out.  Congrats, you’re done!

Between Washings

Comb all the tangles out of your hair, and give your scalp and hair a generous number of strokes with the natural bristle brush.  Remember those ladies in the old movies – 100 strokes a night?  This is what you’re doing.  The boar bristles move the sebum down your hair shaft, making all of your hair shiny and easy to manage.  This will especially help during the transition period, when you may have a little wacky oil slick scalp going on. 😉

Some Warnings

Baking soda is a natural cleaning product.  It will fade any artificial hair color over time.  However, it also might lighten your hair slightly over time as well.

You may have to change your styling product habits.  However, you may find you don’t need as much product anymore.  For example, I used to put mousse in my hair after washing and before styling to set the style for 2 days.  Now, mousse makes my hair a little sticky, but I’ve found I don’t really need it anymore.  Hair spray doesn’t seem to be a problem.

If you have any more questions about my method, feel free to leave a comment on this page, and I’ll add the info!  Thanks for reading!

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  1. Mom says:

    Very Interesting!

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  3. Diane Brogdon says:


    First of all, congratulations! Your mom told me about the February addition. Next, I want to say that while I am very proud of your accomplishments as a math/computer GaTech graduate, I am even more proud that you have not lost your flare for writing. I enjoyed your blog and plan to try the baking soda hair wash. Stephanie is a Green follower as well, and I am a mostly Green convert.

    Hope to see you soon.

    Diane Brogdon

    • jessie says:

      Thank you so much! It has definitely been too long. I never lost my love of writing – part of the reason I started this blog was to express that part of myself!

  4. Yoga Witch says:

    Excellent! I so love no-poo!

  5. Kate says:

    I tried baking soda shampoo today and I’m not sure I can tell the difference just yet (which I suppose is a good thing). Thanks for posting your experience and the how-to’s.

  6. Thank you so much for this entry! I would love to wean myself off of commercial shampoo and will try this soon. I know that people usually don’t wash their hair every day with this method and, honestly, that’s my concern. I work out on a regular basis and, of course, get sweaty. I’m just wondering if I would still be able to get away with not washing daily. Do you wet your hair between washings? Maybe between the brushing & a quick rinse, that would do it. What do you think? Thanks!

    • jessie says:

      Hi! I’m so glad you’re thinking of trying the method. Water washes are actually a part of my regular routine now. They’ve extended the frequency of my “real” washes to a week! A very thorough rinse with a scalp massage, followed by the boar bristle brush, is plenty effective at getting sweat out. Once you let the natural oils protect your hair again, nothing really “sticks” to it anymore, so it’s easy to rinse out. Hope this helps!

      • anynomous says:

        Hay! I was going to try to do this today, but I forgot to purchase the bristle brush, would it be okay to just use a regular one until I get the bristle brush?

  7. Denise says:

    Hi! Thanks for your blog article on no-poo! I’ve been going without using shampoo for 4 weeks now and I’m loving it! I was curious – have you tried the egg wash method (mix an egg and some lemon juice together and scrub it in your hair)? I’ve tried the baking soda and the egg wash and I think the eggs make my hair shinier, but they’re more expensive. I’m wondering if maybe I’m using too much baking soda when I try that method. Anyway, just curious to see if you’ve tried anything different. Thanks!

    • jessie says:

      I’m really glad you’ve had success ditching shampoo! I haven’t actually tried anything else – my hair is thick but with fine strands, so I’m afraid an egg wash would weigh it down. I’m pretty happy with my level of shine though. Happy washing!

  8. Loren says:

    I was wondering if you ever experienced any problems with the baking soda burning your scalp? I was very interested in this movement and tried it for a while. I just kept getting really painful (raw type feeling) on my scalp after using baking soda. I have experimented with many different ways to use it, but I think my skin is too sensitive. I have even sprinkled it into my hair and waited five minutes and taken a shower. Nothing seems to help. Have you heard of anything like this? Do you know of another way I can try to make it work?

    • jessie says:

      No, unfortunately I have never heard of this. Have you ever had your scalp examined by a dermitologist? That sounds serious.

    • Emy says:

      This happened to me also(the first time) when I made the baking soda paste, but the next wash I just diluted it in water, about 1tablespoon per 1cup of water, it didn’t sting anymore and my hair was still clean!

      • Light says:

        I did the 1 tablespoon – 1 cup of water and my scalp hurts horribly. I have been doing research about it and although alkaline, BS is a harsh product. At the beginning I did not think much about it, but Baking Soda is a product I use to clean my bathtub… and it really strips all the dirt…. After using it in my hair I started feeling the same type of pain I used to have when I used cheap shampoos.
        There is something that needs to be clarified. The no ‘poo method is not for everyone and people need to be careful with the alternatives. I am going back to my organic shampoo, definitely.

    • emilyM says:

      The same happened to me and I think I hadn’t diluted it enough. Baking soda is quite alkaline for our scalp which is why some people favour the egg or honey no-poo methods which you may want to try. There has been quite a bit of writing that over time because of the ph variation baking soda will damage your hair. The vinegar however is almost a perfect match for the natural pH of our scalp

  9. somayeh says:

    Hello, I have same problem of “Loren”, with baking soda, It burns my scalp. Can You help us know why and what to do? By the way, I have hair loss and hair thinning problems.

    • jessie says:

      If baking soda burns your scalp, then I recommend you see a dermatologist. I’ve never had any irritation. Also, maybe it’s reacting with something else you’re putting in your hair? Try stopping all the other products and then try again. Hope you figure it out.

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  11. Becca says:

    Just a few things about my experience with this method:

    –My hair took about a month to fully transition to the baking soda and acv. Luckily, it was in the winter, so I just wore a hat on any greasy days.
    –My routine is a bit different from yours… I keep two squirt bottles (the clear plastic kind you might see ketchup or mustard in; I’ve seen them sold for $1… or you could just use old sport-style water bottles) in the shower, one with 1 Tbs. or so of baking soda, and then filled with water, and the other with maybe 3 Tbs. of acv and then filled with water. This might be easier on the people who are experiencing discomfort with the baking soda, since it’s more diluted. Also, the bottles last me 4-5 showers, which is nice.

  12. throve says:

    I’ve been thinking about trying non-commercial shampoo and conditioner for a while now. I am going to wait until I have finished the bottle and then have a go at this.
    I like the idea of Becca’s squirt bottles, anything to make it easier both for the scalp and for applying.
    I still find it amazing how with the combination of baking soda and vinegar, it can be applied in so many things around the house, as cleaners and now as shampoo.

  13. Levi says:

    So does it leave your head smelling like a salad after using the vinegar? I like the idea but a little put off by how it might smell.

    • Levi says:

      Oh and what about tangly hair? I have to use Infusium when I get out of shower to be able to run brush through my hair. Will I be able to start doing without it?

      • Jessie says:

        Well, I make sure I brush my hair well before I get in the shower (I did this even before I went no-poo). I find it really helps with tangles after you get out. Your hair will have more natural oils in it, so it’s possible that you’ll have an easier time brushing it, but I really can’t say – everyone’s hair is different! If you still have trouble, I just found this recipe for a natural detangler (I haven’t used it myself though) –

    • Jessie says:

      You rinse out the vinegar very well after letting it soak, and by the time your hair is dry, you can’t smell it anymore – I’ve even gotten other people to smell my hair to make sure!

  14. R. Starr says:

    The baking soda and water on my scalp (in mixed/diluted form) made my scalp burn and itch after a few days. Did it dry it out? I had to finally wash my hair with t-gel to cool it off. I was trying to go with something natural and it only made things worse it seems.

    • Jessie says:

      Did you rinse it out very well? Baking soda can be abrasive so it could be a problem if left on your scalp.

    • Loren says:

      I had the very same problem. It was painful and after really sticking with this method I had to finally give it up. I think my skin is just too sensitive. I was making sure it was all out. In fact, I was using just enough baking soda to get the job done (very diluted).

      • Jessie says:

        I’m starting to suspect that it just doesn’t work well for everyone. There are other methods of natural hair care out there though, so if you’re still interested I encourage you to go take a look. If not, then simply watering down your shampoo will help calm down the oils in your scalp to a certain extent.

  15. missybowers says:

    My family uses Yucca root for soap and shampoo. You can buy yucca root at the store or i have it in my yard. I just dig up some root, peel it like a potatoe, smash it with a hammer and soak in in water for a few hours in the sun. I just fill up some milk jugs and keep it in a squirt bottle. You dont have to make it very often. Yucca root is anti bacterial and anti fungal. I wash my 1 yr old with it. He comes out smelling so fresh and his dark hair is beautiful!

    I do want to try the baking soda wash i think my husband esspecially would like it.

  16. Saloni says:

    Hey Jessie 🙂

    I’m 9 1/2 (girl obviously 😛 ), i have shoulder length (its not below my shoulder at all… for ur kind info), thin/fine hair.. Sometimes it looks really pretty.. my hair can be curly sometimes when i wash it or it can be straight. Sometimes its a bad and very ugly type of wavy hair. I have a few questions as idk how to start…

    Soo, i get baking soda (lets sayy 2tsp) in a mug and make it slurry with water.. Then i add apple cider vinegar and wash my hair.. is that it?! Is there a conditioner?

    • Jessie says:

      All I wash my hair with is baking soda and vinegar – I didn’t leave anything out of the article. You’re using the baking soda to scrub your scalp, not your hair. And remember that the baking soda and vinegar are separate steps – you’ll want to rinse the baking soda out before using the (diluted) vinegar on your hair. Good luck – you’ll just have to try it out and see if it works for you!

  17. Chelsey says:

    Hey Jessie!
    Is there a way I could use this method without water? Because I normally wear my hair up in a ponytail because it’s really curly, but lately I’ve been straightening it. It takes forever to straighten and I really want to find cheap ways to clean the oils from my hair without having to use water since it takes so long to style

    • Jessie says:

      Well, I only get my hair wet about twice a week, so after you get your scalp in shape you can seriously reduce your washing schedule. Also, for a quick mid-week de-oiling, you can dust your hair with cornstarch and brush it out. It might take a while to get it all out without water though!

  18. Dawn says:

    I’ve been experiencing a lot of hair loss for the past few years and the dermatologist has no idea why. I was wondering if you knew if the baking soda and vinegar method would help with hair loss.

    • Jessie says:

      I don’t know if it would help, but I don’t see any reason why it would hurt. If I might offer some advice, I don’t know if you have looked into your diet. Healthy fats and oils are essential for skin, hair, and nails. You could also try taking prenatal vitamins to grow some of it back. Good luck!

      • Dawn says:

        I tried the baking soda and vinegar method this morning and while washing my hair it actually felt sticky almost like it feels after swimming in salt water but after it dried it felt normal it that normal? Thank you for your advise. As far as my diet goes the doctor said my vitamin levels were all normal so I was actually afraid of taking a multi-vitamin or prenatal vitamin like you suggested because I don’t want to overdose on any vitamins especially vitamin A, too much vitamin A causes hair loss. By the way if anyone reading this blog has ant suggestions about how to help with hair loss it would be greatly appreciated. I feel like I have tried everything and so far nothing has work. I’m open to any and all suggestions no matter how crazy it might sound.

      • Jessie says:

        Your hair does feel different wet when you wash with baking soda, but I don’t know if I would call it sticky, but it’s not slick like if you used shampoo and conditioner.

    • manya says:

      i dawn…. i suggest you to go to a doctor and find out what the problem is….. hair loss is due to some reason…..
      In 2011, even i was suffering from this problem…. then afterwards i came to know that i have thyroid… now all my problems are solved and no more hair loss 😀

      also…. there is this very nice oil which i have been using from over a year …. you can see the reviews yourself on youtube …

      name: castor oil by hollywood beauty !!

      • kylie says:

        friend of mine had awful hair loss, thin and a scalp condition that caused dry flaky skin. while on holiday she used coconut oil masks and got lots of sun and sea water and her condition cleared up

  19. Kate shupe says:

    I’ve been no poo for almost two months and love it. I’m using much less baking soda when I do it on my hair and the people who are saying it burned their scalp may just need to try less. I use a tbsp a bs with 8oz water solution and just squirt a little of that on my hair when I wash it which is weekly. Input vinegar solution in a spray bottle and just spritz and rinse after I’ve rinsed bs out. My question is how do you style your hair on days you don’t get it wet? I wake up with bed hair and its not greasy anymore but I have all these lumps and bumps and end up wearing it up even though I really wouldn’t have to bc it’s still clean and shiny.

  20. manya says:

    hi.. i just wanted to know that will baking soda make your hair thinner?

  21. Loren says:

    I have to say that my scalp never did take to the baking soda method. (I also have no serious skin problems that need to be checked by a dermatologist.) But, I have found that using cornstarch on dry, slightly oily to oily hair and combing it through (without water) does WONDERS for my hair. It is basically using dry shampoo without all of the nasty alcohol/chemicals in the over-the-counter sprays you can buy. Just thought I would send a little update. 🙂

  22. Rachel says:

    I usually have to wet my hair to style it. Will that be a problem when I go no poo? Is there a way around that?

    • Jessie says:

      No, wetting your hair will be fine. You probably also won’t have to style it as often though – I’ve found that my hair will keep its shape for longer.

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  24. Emy says:

    I’ve started the no poo two weeks ago and the first time it was terrible because I did my usual deep conditioning with coconut oil ,olive oil and honey a few hours before taking a bath and I didn’t think it would be a problem but after washing my hair with baking soda and conditioning with vinegar (white vinegar) I let my hair air dry and it was a mess. I still had a large amount of oil left over from my deep conditioning and had to wash my hair again to get it all out. So I was wondering if there’s some way I can deep condition my hair without it being messy after the baking soda and vinegar (with normal shampoo-conditioner it would be out the first time). The second time I did the no poo, I didn’t deep condition my hair before washing it and it did come out very clean and it is shiny, but I still have frizz left and when I run my fingers through my hair it doesn’t feel really soft just very very “clean”. Is it because I used white vinegar instead of the apple cider one?

    • Jessie says:

      I’m not sure about the deep conditioning, because I don’t do any of that. I do know it would be hard to get all those oils out of your hair with this method though, as it is designed to preserve your natural oils. I would think that over time, you wouldn’t need the deep conditioning, as your natural oils would protect your hair instead. And just to let you know, your hair will not feel the same as if you washed it with shampoo. Your hair feels “really soft” after washing with shampoo because you’ve stripped all the oils out.

  25. mariah says:

    I’ve been doing the no poo method for a few months now and my hair has been falling out a lot!! And i mean A LOT! My hair was naturaly really really think, but now it is normal-thin and i dont know why.. my hair seems way healthier with the no poo method but its been falling out so much! I was wondering what you think i should do and wheither or not i should go back to using shampoo and conditioner. Also no one else in my family has hair loss problems so its not hereditary. Thank you!!

    • mariah says:

      PS i forgot to say hi haha

      • shelly says:

        After using this method for 8 months I noticed my hair thinning. I started trying everything to stop the thinning not thinking it was the no poo method. I would rotate washing my hair with natural shampoo. I was applying different oils to my hair at night. It seemed my hair looked more thin on the days I used the no poo method. So I have stopped using it. I started applying castor oil on my scalp at night (washing out in the morning) and 3 days/week I put onion juice in my hair for 30 minutes before washing (search youtube for video’s). It takes about 3 months to see a difference. I have only been doing this for about 3 weeks. I do see short hairs all on top of my head sticking up. So that is a good sign. Even though the no poo method was great, I loved how clean my hair felt and loved only having to wash my hair 2x’s/week- I will give up that great method for thicker hair. It may not do this to everyone, but it did that to me.
        side note: I did go to the doctor for answers to my hair loss and they found nothing. I was worried it was my thyroid but it is normal.

    • Jessie says:

      I have never heard of baking soda making anyone’s hair fall out, but I think you should visit a dermatologist. I’m not a doctor and can’t presume to know what’s wrong.

      • Lisa says:

        The BSV burned my scalp as well even with only a teaspoon of baking soda and I only used it for a few days and my hair started to feel dry and starchy. Also, I have actually talked to several people who said that using the BSV method made their hair fall out so I am reluctant to try to use it again.

    • Irina says:

      I wish someone would of replyed to your post (sorry, i realize this is an old post) Im having same problem,are you still loosing hair with noo poo method or did you go back to regular shampoo?

    • Katie says:

      I’ve read on other no-poo blogs that hair loss is a normal process. This is what she said:
      “Don’t be alarmed if you seem to be losing a lot more hair at the beginning of your transition. The reason for this is because our products have glues and binders in them so it’s actually kept broken or dead hairs in your head and these need to come out anyway to make room for the new growth. I lost a LOT of hair and got really nervous that I’d have to go for a few months with sparse hair before the new growth came in but this didn’t turn out to be the case.”

    • sukhan says:

      I have been loving the no-poo method, but after a few months the alarming hair loss made me look further into it . No more baking soda for me.

  26. Haley Petersen says:

    Do you do this every night?
    (Please answer!!!!)

  27. Donna says:

    after reading an article on using baking soda with shampoo, I decided to try it out.
    I did not dilute it and simply mixed it with shampoo and as i was lathering my scalp and the rest of my hair, i felt how dry my hair was.
    during the rinse, i noticed how my hair was falling out in strands.
    my scalp is now itchy.
    will my hair grow back? i feel like i lost ALOT of hair during the process…..

  28. gwyn says:

    Hi everyone, I’ve just started doing this (about a month) and finally gotten to a routine where my hair isn’t greasy, but now it’s falling out too! I’m leaving the diluted baking soda on for 2 minutes, the first time I rubbed it in my scalp and it itched for a day after (which is why I quit shampoo!) so now I do NOT put the baking soda on my scalp, just try to rub it into my hair. However, since I started leaving it on longer, my hair is falling out!! So to all the other people who are having these issues, you’re not weird, I think the BS is just too strong. I’m gonna try leaving it on less time, even if I risk having greasier hair, and leave the vinegar on a little longer… Anyone else figured out how to stop their hair falling out? PS- I wash about every 3 days.

  29. officert% says:

    I am not bald, but I see I am balding or to the point that you can see my scalp from a certain angle, just wanted to ensure the fullness of my hair. I ordered the Shielo Volume Shampoo product because I felt my hair might have been thinning slightly and wanted to take a preventative measure. I ordered Shielo 3 months ago and I still have at least 1/3 of the bottle left. It really lasts a long time and just a small amount lathers up to a lot. The Shielo Volume has improved my hair thickness and am completely satisfied with the price paid since it lasted for so long.

  30. Isabelle says:


    I was very interested in doing the no-poo method and decided to try it. I had been following it for over a week and was quite happy with the process. My question now is that I decided to try the virgin coconut oil deep conditioning mask for my hair and found it way too hard to rinse out simply using the bs/acv mixture and had to use shampoo and conditioner to get it out. Is there an easier way getting the coconut oil out without using shampoo?

    Let me know

    • fireethereal says:

      I sometimes mix a few drops of a really mild cleanser (I use Diva wash, because it’s what I use on my face and body) in my bakingsoda mix if the bakingsoda alone isn’t working. I was using that before when I first stopped the shampoo and tapered it off slowly. Maybe try using less of the coconut oil next time?

      (I’ve never done a coconut oil mask I have done a honey and olive oil one. I wash with the regular mix I use normally, but my hair is just still a little extra oily after so I usually wash it again the next day too. It just takes time for the oils to rebalance I think.)

    • kylie says:

      I did the same and after read that coconut oil masks are 1)of no need and 2)areal pain to get out. I have heard once in a while its great if u mix a tiny amount of cocnut oil (1/8th teaspoon) with water and put it on your ends. this is only really needed if your ends are dry though. So I guess think about if you really need it and if you do keep it very diluted and on the ends only. good luck and let us know what happens

  31. maya a says:

    I wash my hair everyday. I know that’s supposed to be bad. I started using the Shielo Hydrate Shampoo, my hair looks and feels so healthy. I barely need to use any shampoo, a quarter-size only, and I have a ton of hair. Typically I’ve had to rinse and repeat , but with Shielo – I use just the quarter-size and its perfect. Feels soooo good and its super hydrating.

    I would recommend this to any gal with thick hair prone to getting dry.

  32. l.commimzlipz says:

    I have long wavy hair, which tends to be dry at the ends and a bit oily at scalp. Try Shielo’s Hydrate or Smoothing Conditioners – they smell good without being over-powering, and give a level of moisture that is neither too light or too heavy for me. Anyone interested in more organic hair products should give these a try.

  33. fireethereal says:

    For those finding trouble with baking soda and irritation, you can try what I do. Instead of mixing with water I brew chamomile tea and use that (cooled to warm) with the baking soda (tbsp BS and 1cup Chamomile in a squirt bottle). I find the chamomile helps sooth irritation. Also I rinse with cooler water and a second bottle of filled with plain chamomile after I wash.

  34. Pratibha says:

    I have been trying this technique since past 20 days. I wash my hair with plain water daily or once in 2 days, as I work out on most of the days. I use baking soda and vinegar (distilled white vinegar, as I could not find ACV near my place) once in a week. I have been having a lot of hair fall, Its making me worry. Does it happen in the beginning for everyone. Or is something wrong with the way I am doing it. Please help me.

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  36. Fran says:

    Hi, I’m about to begin the ‘no poo’ method, and I’m wondering if you shower every day? Sounds a little silly! But I exercise almost daily, and need to shower after. Do I keep my hair from getting wet or can I rinse it out with water every day? I am also wondering about swimming pool hair. In the winter a lot my workouts are in a chlorinated pool. I wear a swimming cap, but your hair still gets at least a little wet. The chlorine dries hair out… do you think I should do just a little vinegar wash or baking soda and vinegar? Thank you!

    • Jessie says:

      If you get chlorine in your hair then yes, I would rinse it out well, but I would not do the baking soda or vinegar any more often that you would otherwise. I don’t shower every day, but if I get really sweaty, swim in a chlorine pool, or do something else that I know got something in my hair I would definitely rinse it well. Really the only thing you have to “wash” out of your hair is oil, or obviously if you come in contact with something unsanitary.

  37. Anne says:

    I have been doing the no poo method for 7 months now (without any baking soda or other products ect) and lately my hair has been falling out rapidly. I wake up with my pillow covered in hair and when I brush it a mass amount of hair falls out. Is it the no poo method that is causing this and is there something I can do? A friend suggested that it could be the old hair falling out so that the new hair can come through. Could this be possible?

  38. Cristina says:

    I wanted to know how many times can I wash my hair with this method? I used to wash my hair every 2 days, can I do the same with the no-poo method?

    • Jessie says:

      Hi Cristina, while it is certainly possible to wash your hair every 2 days with this method, you will find that you don’t need to anymore.

  39. LTRenaud says:

    Hi, I have a slightly different question. I am turning 60 and my dark brown hair is turning white around my face. I love the no-poo, but I’m concerned that it might be lightening the rest of my hair. I’ve read online that no-poo lightens hair. I’m trying not to lighten my hair! No baking soda? No vinegar? Help! I don’t want to go back to shampoo, but it’s sad to lighten my dark hair before its time… 😦

    • Jessie says:

      This is actually very timely, because I just helped my mother (who is nearly 60) find the right hair care routine for her. She is partially gray and has been dying her hair religiously for so long that it was dry and damaged. I thought that baking soda might be a little harsh for damages hair, so we went with an oil based shampoo in smaller amounts, and she’s seen such a difference. She also stopped dying and cut some length off for volume. Remember, there are lot of simpler “shampoos” on the market, and baking soda might not be the answer for everyone. Just remember it takes several weeks for your scalp to adjust to a routine so transitory slowly and give it time to work. Happy hunting!

  40. Brenda says:

    I suppose is a alkaline/acid wash, some people have very acid ph on their skin oils that reacts with the BS so maybe that’s why they are having trubles. Hope they don’t give up ant try another method. I was very sceptical at the binging cuz I thought you people were bluffing, but with time no poo actually fitted my hair anymore so I decided to try out ands it’s giving results. My hair lightens very easily so I was concerned about the BS, also I hate vinegar smell, so I’m doing it a little different. For the acid wash I use coffe instead of vinegar and I wash everything out with a (cool it first) Rosemary infusion to avoid or slow the hair lighting.

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