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Food Waste Friday – Not *Too* Bad…

Not terribly bad this week – no produce!  I’m at least proud of that.  This week it’s mostly prepared food that never got eaten. From left to right: A few slices of whole wheat bread.  I like to buy the … Continue reading

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New Page: Hair Routine

Several people have asked me to give a more detailed account of my hair washing routine.  I have put up a page dedicated to no-poo washing.  Enjoy!

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Accessories are for Chumps

Yes, I have an iPhone 3G.  In my defense, I am a software engineering contractor, and it was actually one of the most economical ways to get effective phone, email, and internet on the road.  Also, I got an online … Continue reading

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(NO) Food Waste Friday!

I have no picture!! <dances a little dance> How did I do it?  Every single day, I evaluated the contents of the fridge.  I planned ahead so we would use everything. (It also helped that I had cleaned the fridge … Continue reading

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Plastic Waste Makes Me Angry

I’m going to take a moment to talk about something that annoys me. I love these clips.  It is so easy to just twist up my hair and go in the morning. However, what I do *not* love about these … Continue reading

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A Frugal and Environmental Milestone

Well, it definitely took me a long time to get around to it, but I finally did it.  I hung up my laundry.  Outside. Sure, I had hung wet clothes and other laundry items around the house on occasion, over … Continue reading

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On Downsizing and Letting Go

Just to give you a little idea of what’s going on, in our home office we are moving from this desk: …to this: An excellent Craigslist find!  Needless to say, we’ve lost some storage space.  We wanted to downsize the … Continue reading

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Food Waste Friday *Sigh*

Well, another Friday rolls around, and my food waste is somewhat of a disgrace.   It’s actually not nearly as bad as last week, although the picture looks as bad.  It’s just that last week there were some items I listed … Continue reading

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Review: Food, Inc.

This is a completely unsolicited review. Last night, my siblings and I were able to attend the free screening of the new documentary Food, Inc., sponsored by Chipotle. I was interested in watching this movie after reading Michael Pollan’s In … Continue reading

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Mean Green Shower Routine

About six months ago, I joined a pretty exclusive club. I cut out the poo. Shampoo, that is. When is the last time you flipped your shampoo bottle over and read the ingredients?  Do you know what they all mean?  … Continue reading

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