Garden Planning Days

It’s warm for January here in the South, but it is also wet.  The kind of wet you usually get in May, with thunder, torrential downpours, and the whole shebang.  So my garden planning is indoors, on paper.  First of all, remember what my bed looked like in the fall?

Well, I’d say I’ve done a bit of an expansion…

I now have three times the garden space, with 6 4×4 Square Foot Garden style beds.  This is all working toward my goal of growing (or sharing, my grandfather also gardens) 50% of my family’s vegetables throughout the year.  Needless to say, this many beds require a little more planning that I’ve done in previous years.  So I decided to print out a grid of my beds to do a little “pencil planning”:

I’m using the Wikipedia page List of Companion Plants as a guide for placement.  This has made my planning like one of those little sliding puzzles – move this piece here, oops, that can’t go there, etc.  I hope with this kind of foresight though, everything will have the best chance possible.

Man, I can’t wait for that first slice of garden fresh tomato…

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1 Response to Garden Planning Days

  1. Our garden is under seven inches of snow. I’m envious.

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